Last Friday if you had the chance to walk by the streets in South Suburbs of Athens, in Glyfada, you would had the opportunity to enjoy the Shop and Taste event by Lipton Ice Tea and Honey. Top stores joined together and gave us the opportunity to celebrate Fashion and Taste. People, drinks, food, music, where all over the streets giving you the feeling that you are in vacation.We caught all this positive vibes and of course we passed by the shop of Sugarfree, where we met the gorgeous sweedish blogger Ida-Marie Isaksson, the greek fashion blogger Alexandra Drakou and the greek designer Zoi...


This month has started nicely and pleasantly with an event organized for the second time by jenny.gr and 4moms.gr at Balux in Glyfada, a summer market, a summer celebration would say for the whole family. Based on the concept of Women In Action supporting female entrepreneurship, met many women who said yes (77 in total !) and didn't hesitate to create their own collections.A day full of joy, color, summer mood, positive energy and lots of interesting things to buy, from baby clothes, colorful summer sandals, kimonos, accessorize, bracelets, handbags, hats, even things for home.Guest of...


-You think I am crazy? You should meet my sister! (well, which one)-Style is not about the looks.. Is something deeper! How you feel, how much you smile, how happy are you.. Style is the reflection of your personality, is who you are!-Every blondie needs her brownie..(contradictions of life)xxx    photography credits to BILL PATRICK / www.billpatrickphotography.commake up credits to Theoni Stravokefalou / https://www.facebook.com/theoni.theoni.9?fref=tsand Iro Galani /https://www.facebook.com/iro.galani


You can imagine any kind of ring but a ring with perfume was ever in your thoughts?Victoria Secret make it happen and launched just a month ago the SOLID FRAGRANCE RING with the scent of Bombshells in Bloom.A flourish ring that marries accessorizes and cosmetics. Would you say yes?   xxxby Ang.  MAIN DISTRIBUTION IN GREECE:VICTORIA'S SECRET boutiqueAthens International Airport "Eleutherios Venizelos" phone number: +302103532435 


Goodmorning Coolers beginning with our philosophy: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we line, what is happening…” Coco Chanel Photo credits: El.g


When I was a little girl watching SEX AND THE CITY I was keeping notes, things I liked that Carrie did, stores she shopped, clothes she wore, places she went and one of that was BUDDAKAN, the restaurant that she did the engagement party if you remember. It had a mysterious atmosphere, it was dark, aesthetic, with huge tables, I was thinking that If an air blowed me to New York someday I would definitely go there and dine. And YUPI YUPI YUPI, so it happened this Xmas! I had the chance to visit one of my favorite places on earth, NEW YORK (I could talk about NY forever) and yes I went to...


We like to support new efforts and we couldn't miss the beginning of two girls that besides their friendship, they decided to join their strength in business too and create NxShowroom. The first idea of Natasa Kastana and Xenia Panteleon was to make a showroom only for friends, girlfriends that would had Nxshowroom as a meeting point to drink coffee, discuss about style and try on some fashionable pieces. Fortunatelly for us, they end up doing a very nice, minimal place that they couldn't keep as a secret from the rest of the world, so they decided to put more collections and in men segment...


City guides were created from the love we have for traveling and for the need to have the vital information of the place we are interested in going and not what a touristic office reccomends us to do and see. How many times have you called a friend already been to the place you want to travel or lived there and asked him which area is best to stay to, which restaurant to go to, where to shop or which places are worthwhile of going... MMmmm I know, I know many times, I do too!!! So our first city guide will be for London, from a girl that I call THE LONDON GIRL, you will see by yourselves...


Today we gonna say a few things about juices. We tend to avoid spending time in the kitchen, but a healthy juice created in just a few minutes in a simple and easy way provides us with a healthier body and mind. Renee Zouni (her health & fitness blog Renee's Ef Zin will be available in the near future) shared with us some of her tips on the benefits of juicing! Your body can absorb the nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a rest from working on fiber.Boosts your immune system.Help remove toxic from your body. (mmmmm that sounds good)Aid digestion and helps you loose...


If you think that Chinese people don't know what the world souvlaki means, you are wrong!!! See by yourselves where a Chinese friend of mine, in one of my trips to Asia, took me when I told him that I wanted to eat souvlaki and explain to him deep down what I was trying to say.... In front of a strawberry barbeque stand!!!! I was shocked, you can tell that I had something else in my mind, but I smiled and I was amazed of how juicy and delicious strawberries looked.Of course a tasted a few without the guilt of the calories though!!!! xoxoxxxby El.g