Visiting Prague during Christmas is like living a fairytale that don't want to come to an end and once you visit it you will instantly feel that magic, but whenever you plan to go to Prague is going to be the same unforgettable, I can tell..

To be honest, I have never visited Prague before, but it is one of the trips that are marked on my wish list and I hope to make it happen really soon. My friend Anna Stamatelatou though visited Prague these holidays and I asked her to tell me everything about her trip and of course all the information I will need when I once visit Prague.

Details that I surely didn't keep for myself (Oh, you know me!)

 So, let's see Prague from Anna's eyes..

-What to do:
•Edless walks at the old city and the Charles bridge.  You will see the old city reviving in frond of you that you can't avoid falling in love with it's beauty.  
• Cruise on Moldava river and don't forget your camera with you or the battery bank for your phones. The scenery is breathtaking and so romantic that you must capture it! Oh, be ready to see the most beautiful swans on earth and don't tell me that this is not worth it, so get up on that boat boyz and girls!
•Visit Prague's Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, it's quite interesting if you hit the guards change.
• If you are into art, the most famous theater in Prague is the Black Theater. 
•I would also suggest to go Prague's Astronomical Clock and admire the city's view from above and take some beautiful selfies!  
-What to avoid:
Don't overload your programm with too many things to do, you have to have free time to enjoy the city just by walking around day and night! 
Αν και η Πράγα είναι μια μικρή πόλη και εύκολα μπορείτε να την γυρίσετε, εμάς μας βόλεψε αρκετά το ξενοδοχείο μας από θέμα τοποθεσίας. Ήταν πολύ κοντά στην παλιά πόλη και πηγαίναμε με τα πόδια οπουδήποτε. Ένα καλό ξενοδοχείο είναι το Marriott Prague και ένα πιο οικονομικό το hotel 987. Σε 10' με τα πόδια είστε στο κέντρο.
-What to eat and what to drink:
•Try goulash, their traditional dish! If you like soups, then Prague is definitelly your city.. Prefer the onion soup, the potato soup and the spinach soup and if you visit U Pavuka, a local restaurant with dancers then your choice is the delicious onion soup they serve! 
•Don't hesitate to eat a hot dog from the streets, you will find it at many flavors and it's clean, believe me.
•For those ones who are a sweet lover like me, try the delicious Trdlo, a combination of sugar, cinamon and nuts and chocolate sometimes, oh my gosh it is so so so yummy, if only I could had one wright now!
But attention, if you hear someone calling you Trdlo, don't be happy about it, he didn't call you sweaty but stupid!!!! xoxo
•Take a rest and enjoy your coffe at Mozart cafe across the Astronomical Clock. Try the amazing apple pie with vanilla ice cream. απέναντι απ´το Αστρονομικό ρολόι. Ένας πολύ ζεστός χώρος με φοβερά γλυκά. Οι Τσέχοι αγαπάνε να συνδυάζουν σκέτο καφέ με γλυκό, δεν θα ξεχάσω με τίποτα την ζεστή μηλόπιτα με παγωτό βανίλια. 
• Also, try their hot wine Gluhwein, with organge juice and lemon juice. 
Where to dine:
• For those ones who are selective and want to try the Czech cuisine by the river Vltava, go to Campa Park, it's one of the best restaurants in the city, a little bit expensive (100€ per person with wine) but it's worth it and you might dine beside a celebrity as well! Another choice is the Hergetova Cihelnat, less inexpensive and by the river too.
• La casa Argentina, has live music and dancers.  επίσης είναι ένα πολύ καλό εστιατόριο Αργεντίνικης κουζίνας που συνδυάζει live μουσική με χορό.
• Restaurance Nebozizek, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view, if you don't have the time for lunch or dinner, just go for coffee
• A very good time you will have at the cuban bar with the amazing coctails, La Bodequita del Medio Praha.
Pay attention at:
•On the 24th of December the market is closed and you won't find find somewhere nice to dine unless you have made already your reservations, so make sure to reserve a restaurant on line before you visit Prague on thaty day.  You can also chooce to go on a trip to beautiful Cesky Krumlov (2,5 hrs from Prague) or Karlovy Vary (2hrs from Prague), I went to both and I didn't regret any of it although I had a non-stop excausting schedule. 
• Restaurants in Prague close very early, so you might bye something for the market to have at your hotel just in case. 
• Water as in many European cities, is like a more premium product and Czecks prefer to drink it with flavors as mint, lemon, lime and others. Prefer the water bottles with the blue tab, that's the clear one!
• Comfortable shoes is a must and definitelly clothes to keep you warm and enjoy your endless walks.
• Camera or phones with good camera. You will take a thousand pictures!!!!
Safe travels and enjoy!!!"
by El.g 

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