Folli Follie is a brand that you stay committed too! It's been a long time since I bought my first Folli Follie watch, 15 years ago and I must stay I still remember that moment; I still have that watch actually.

The last 2 years through blogging I have tried lots of brands and Folli Follie remains one of my favs. I will never forget in one of my travels to Asia and particularly to Guangzhou while I was strolling at the streets of the center and came across to a Folli Follie store getting so suprised but proud at the same time that one of our greeks brands has such a success abroad.

This year as every year, Folli Follie participates in Baselworld for the 13th consecutive year, driving inspiration from the philosophy of the new Folli Follie Concept Store, that was firstly introduced end of 2015. The New Concept Store has already introduced in hi-fashion streets all over the world with the initial “door-openings” taking place in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing (I am telling you asian people go crazy with the brand) and Athens.

Folli Follie creates iconic motifs that eloquently expressed and captured upon a complete collection (accessories, jewelry, handbags) Santorini Flower & Heart4Heart.

As you can see from the pictures I have already chosen my favorite ones that goes perfectly with my off-shoulder top, a key piece I adore this season and one of the hottest trends of spring!!!

Remember my girls, time is precious so wasted wisely!!

I have to run, clock is ticking and I have a busy day ahead but I love you as always...



by El.g 

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