One of our best walks around Vienna, was the one near the river Danube, at one of its canals. The day was cloudy and we thought it would rain but hopefully it didn't, on the contrary the sun was making his appearance times to times, making us running at the spot where it was shining just to shoot a photo! -oh, you should have seen us... Maybe a video would be a nice idea on the future, NOT!!!

When you go down beside the canal, you can't imagine that you could see what we saw! Huge, beautifull graffiti painted on the boring walls, giving colors to the surroundings and a happy mood, stairs that lead exactly to the river, long long roads -perfect location for running or jogging- and unbelievable but true, beach bars!! Oh, yes you read that right.. There are beach bars along the canal with sand, beach beds, coctails, music, serfing boards, everythin, the only thing that is missing is the sea!!!! I don't know about you, but we greeks take somethings for granded -having the sea and enjoy it every minute we want- but other people, like viennese ones who can't visit the sea whenever possible, they found an idea like this one and to tell you the truth we were impressed and congrats!!! The few months that they have nice wheather, sun and heat, lots of people go there, listen to some music and have a coctail with the feeling they are on an island or something.. Well, better than nothing!!! 

As you must understand, we grabbed the opportunity to take a lot of photos and show to you how you can have the perfect streetstyle look!

With a colorful tee like the one Ang is wearing, from the greek designing brand LELE clothing, matched with black leggings and brand new ponny skinned ZARA shoes, you have done a good start! A denim shirt that you could tied up at your waist too, a hat and of course a backpack -don't you love this specific one of the Chanel collection?-, are the ones Angie chοoce to finish her look, whereas Elena choοse to match her LELE tee with a high-waist black skirt of the new collection of Comsi_ -musthave-!!!! The boybag with the chain details, the old time classic all star shoes, a hat and a pair of mirrored sunnies, are the final touches that completed her streetstyle look!

Which one the two you prefer? xoxo




PS: How Angie was found after an exhausting shooting day!!!!! :-))


Angies look:

tee & hat / LELE CLOTHING / 

denim shirt, leggings & pony shoes / ZARA 

backpack / CHANEL



Elenas look:

tee & hat / LELE CLOTHING 

skirt / COMSI_

boybag / CHANEL




- - 


We love you


by El.g and Ang.

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