Most of us when we think about Saltzburg, the first thing that comes into our mind is snow and skiing so definitelly the prefect winter getway!!! Let me tell you something though, the best time to visit a place, especially when it's your first time visiting, is Spring and Autumn cause you have the change to explore it more as it will not be so cold or rather too hot and you can stay out all day long.. Besides nature these days is at it's best...

Last summer. Angie was working at Victoria's Secret in Vienna and of course I grabbed the change to visit her at the end of August. After a week of touring around Vienna with Angie knowing pretty much everything about this amazing city, we decided to go a day trip to Saltzburg. We woke up at 05.30 a.m. and head to one of the biggest train Stations in Europe, at Wien Westbahnhof or Vienna West station, where we took the train of 07.00 straight to the city where Mozart was born!

After 2.5 hours we arrived at Saltzburg and the weather was extraordinary for this city so we were kind of lucky! We strongly recommend you that if you go for a day, get on the hop on - hop off buses, you will  get an amazing tour of Saltzburg and you will get to see all the highlights.

The city is so beautiful and you  instanly get dazzled when you look up on this view!!! It's like a small, quite village with amazing landscapes full of green, with lots of bistro and bakerys with pretzels - Yes, we had a few!!! 

Also, you will see many people laying on the grass enjoying the rarely sunny days...

Oh, we found here too as like in Paris , brigde with the lockers of love. It's not though as big as"Pont Des Arts" is but it gets the attentions of many tourists as well!!

One of the most famous sighseeing of Saltzburg is the mansion of Von Trapp family! Although, the real story is kind of diffrent from the movie as far as the tourist guide there told us besides of getting us wet all the time - I don't know maybe an obsession of the family -

I would reccoment you not to go there, ok the scenery is gorgeous but it's kind of waste of time... You can visit the Zoo instead!

Angie in front of the famous pavilion where the Von Trapp's daughter and the mail boy gave their fisrt kiss!

While entering the center of the city where the famous musician Mozart was born, you can see a huge, magnificent fountain where you will take numerous of pictures -they all do- as you will take at the statue of Mozart too. 

The city has a major market full of brands, you can find the most luxurious ones, plus of many of shoe shores where you can buy good handmade shoes! Also, many touristic shops for souvenirs, mugs, hats, magnets and chocolates, everything wih the face of Mozart!!!

and somewhere at the end of the city you will find the téléphérique to go up at the Hohensalzburg castle, which is something you WILL MUST DO and admire the amazing view on the top!!!!

Just a small advice from me, don't go up there being hungry like us beacuse you gonna end up eating the worst food of your life at the only touristic restaurant up there.. Worst experience ever.. at least we had a view!!!  

A coffee to rest for a bit before our return back to Vienna, talking about our experience in Saltzburg! We had a great time with my sister, it is a beautiful city and you can see everything in one day but a whole weekend would be the best.  

Saltzburg convinces every visitor that everything he has heared about it, is true!!!



by El.g and Ang. 

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