One of my overseas trips which I will definetelly remember forever is the one to our far away China and Guangzhou, a city almost 2 hours away by train from Hong Kong, -to understand exactly the location!- I have a lot of things to say about this city but I won't do it the way you think, I will guide you to Guangzhou with a photo tour around the area I am living.. Like you were with me and we were going for a walk in the streets of the neighborhood together..

Shall we begin? 

Once it was pouring this Saturday in Athens in the middle of the summer -very odd-  I will begin with this photo and the ombrellas. Lots of chinese people hold an umbrella not only during raining but at any time, maybe cause of the sun I suppose,  I can't really understant it to be honest...  

and here you can see the reason why! The sky is always white because of the pollution and sun is making its appearance very rarerly...

Here is how their houses looks like, and this is not the real life over there, but the neighborhood I use to live is supposed to be one of the best around..

See how Tianhe area is, to get the picture and has nothing to do with the neighborhoods of the rest of the city, believe me.. 

We have seen down to the streets lots of people saling everything is possible, but have you ever thought of computers or any other electronical device? Well, in Guangzhou is pretty usual..

In China lots of people their bikes to stands, offering you at very low prices from tropical fruits to juices, foods that I don't know what they really are, to mugs and plates (!) and mobiles phones...

Almost all streets are fascinating, lots of lights, too much people, music from musician in the streets and you even see fireworks in the middle of nowhere. You don't have a chance though to find out the cause of these fireworks, because non of the chinese people crossing by you, know english and you can't understand each other at almost anything! They just smile at you and you have to be ok only with that! At least they are one the kindness people I have ever met...


Most of them ride bikes and the thing that is very strange to China is that you either going to see very poor people or very wealthy ones! So, at the road you even see lots of bikes or very fancy cars.

Also, their taxis are very cheap, you can have a 30 minute ride and pay only the amount of 4 euro and if you take the taxi-bikes the price is half down, i just don't recomment it unless you cover your head and face with a scarf or something, or else you won't be able to breath because of the polluted atmosphere. (too bad I didn't take a selfie on the bike-taxi to see how silly I was)

Τhe funny part is that in every taxi there are bars between the driver and the passengers behind like you are in a police car but most important of all is that you must have a card with you with the adrress of where you heading or you would never go to your destination! They DO NOT understand english... Is something that you must have always in mind.. 

And is time to show you my favorite mall, Taikoo Hui mall, one of the grande mall I have ever been to. Every famous and luxurious brand is there (except Celine and I must tell you, I was suprised!) and lots of their fancys brands that we unfortunate don't know! From my previous trip to Guangzhou I had bought a hoodie of 90 euros (expensive for chinese standards) but it turned to be one of my best and is the same as the first day I bought it! They have good things if you look carefully, you can spot some really nice pieces and too bad they didn't let me took some pictures (are we gonna steal their ideas or what) and show you how much they care about fashion..

By the way, I can't describe you what it was happenning outside the Chanel shop and just to understand what I am telling you about, the backpack of Channel with the graffiti was sold out in whole China from the first month of its launch! 

If you ever be to Guangzhou, don't forget to go to this mall, although you won't going to shop much -all the other more affordable, well known brands (ZARA, BERSHKA, MANGO, etc) are across the street at another mall-, is worth to see it and maybe is more worthy to eat at the malls roof garder where are 5 to 6 restaurants all with differenet cuisines. I don't know why, but it always feels like Christmas to me when I visit this mall!!!



Every street has these railings between the roads! There is no way to cross the street unless you are at the traffic light!! 

Just imagine that in each traffic lights, almost hundreds of people are waiting to cross by! That's a wow, I am not joking...


One of the most beautiful cruises in my life, was the one I did to Pearl River. Maybe because it was during night time and all of these lights are impressive anyways! Every bridge was different with lots of colors, not mentioning about the Canton Tower, the 5th tallest building in the world, which was really breathtaking -especially when you were almost under it- and every 30 seconds was changing colors, leaving you speachless!

For the food, I haven't lot of things to tell you as I haven't been to in a really chinese restaurant. We usually dine to european ones, and there many good of them around as all of the 5 star hotels in Guangzhou has high leveled restaurants. In the following picture I am eating noodles for breakfast because I wasn't brave enough to try the rest of the chinese food in the buffet. I am not complaining though, it kept me full for my long busy day... xoxo

and somewhere in here our walk throughout Tianhe in Guangzhou comes to an end...

I hope you enjoyed the ride with me! Till the next one..




by El.g 

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