I haven't yet recovered from my jet lag of my trip to China, and my mind is on beautiful Paris! After 3 weeks I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to express all these feelings and memories I had from this city, but the are more vivid that ever! I still remember myself running through the stairs, to grab the first fresh baked croissants from the breakfast buffet. Oh, yes I was indeed running and it wasn't only this I did. Every time I was seeing the Aiffel Tower, I was smiling like a little kid and my joy was big as thousands were the pictures I took too (honestly, I have so many pictures that I guess I am going for Paris - party 2). Literally, you had to grab me to move on and stop me from staring around and posing! xoxo.... but it was so beautiful!!

Tourists were thousands all over, the lines to go up at the tower the longest I have ever seen (no, the longest ones were the ones to enter the Vatican Museum - Rome, I think) and NO, I didn't wait to go up but every time I was looking at Aiffel tower when I was under it or even from far away, I always needed a few seconds before I took my eyes away!!!! 

Walking Champs Elysse was like an adventure all the time, entering the big brands stores, hunting to find the last entries, while stopping at La duree for the best macarons in town became a daily necessity for me, although I wasn't such a huge fun of macarons before, but after Paris I declare myself a lover!!!

Paris people are the most stylish people I have ever seen, and mostly guys who were matched from head to toes with their costumes, their coats, their scarfs, their hats and glasses, like the jumped out from Vogue or something and although whatever I was told before I go to Paris, I met a people very polite and despite the fact that they are few who talks english, they will try to communicate with you no matter what!! (or maybe I was lucky!!) 

Mmmmm, I think you will have to stop me talking about Paris or else I will talk forever and the truth is it was one of my best trips, we had such  a great time and every time I look at my pictures a wide smile comes up on my face!!! 

If you asked me though with a few words to tell you what I will remember from this city, I will say to you:

  • Our endless walks around Trocantero area, where we lived, very very close to Aiffel Tower. 
  • Paris is huge and you can't walk it in a day. There are several areas that you need at least one day each to explore them well!
  • Countless cafes and bistros and I though Greece had the most coffee shops of all countries! So wrong..
  • The sunset in Monmarte was surelly magical, romantic, nostalgic, with the best view of Paris.
  • Macarons as I already said above. I ate 6 pieces in one minute!!!!!! (you can imagine my face wright now, but I don't regret it, I enjoyed every single piece.)
  • The feeling when I saw Afrodite of Mylos at Louvre Museum. PRIDE!
  • Our love was locked forever at Pont Des Amourex bridge!!! (so, sweet moment!!! I am a helpless romantic person, what can I do!)
  • The show at historical Moulin Rouge was an experience, although the acts between the dancers were more impressive.
  • Visiting Disneyland in Paris made me feel like a little kid again, colors and lots of games everywhere and the closure show with the fireworks under the sounds of all the Disney fairytales songs was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.. I think I almost cried from joy, feeling that magic exisst, all you have to do is BELIEVE!
  • Ohhhhh, I just remembered the smoothies of Vanilla Madagascar I was drinking every morning.. Yummy!
  • Now, do you want top know something negative?? Paris is very expensive, all I have to say to you, that a simple capoutsino costs round 8 euros!!!
  • I think I saw more chinese people, that I did in China!
  • Saint honore!!! If you want to go for shopping or better do window shopping, that's the place. Plus, you will meet the most stylish people in town and at this road is the famous hot spot Costes hotel, get the lobster spaggeti if you visit the restaurant at the back yard!
  • For real vintage shopping though, Marais is the ideal area, and few steps away is the amazing cathedral Notre Dame.

BUT, It's time to photobomb you now with some pictires and stop talking!!... xoxo

Enjoy and have a lovely week everyone!!!.....

to be continued...



by El.g

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