If there is an island where it combines everything and has everything, is Myκonos! Beauty, amazing locations, breathtaking views, hotels to die for, magical sandy beaches with crystal waters, many choices for food and drink, luxury, shopping. Υou name it and you find it in Mykonos. In the other hand, it is sooooooo expensive -which is another issue- we pay among with the billionaires what they consider to be nothing to them, but this is Mykonos! Take it, or leave can one of you say! 

Well, I usually go at least once a year -I love this island to be honest-, so I went this weekend too and as always, I didn't wanted to go… Each time I go for a weekend and I stay approximately 4 to 5 days minimum and maybe this time, business reasons lead me to Myconos, but I had my chances to go around, see new places and eat delicious food -its all about the food, isn’t it? hehe-.

One stop was the brand new “Kalamaki Mykonos” where you can eat amazing chicken barbeque (kalamaki), thats all we tried anyways, cause we try to remain fit (that can be a joke too, hahhahaha). Prefer the turkey burger as well, and the amazingly fresh salad glistrida! I kind of like this type of food, simple, delicious and light (If you do resist to french fries). 

Another amazing spot for lunch or dinner is at Ftelia, where we went at dinner time and I must confess that all these years I go to Mykonos, was my first time to go there (yes, yes you can freely blame me). Excellent food and location but the bohemian decoration is what impressed me the most!!! When you first step into this place your mood immediately changes to a more funky and chill-in one and you feel this kind of vibe that you are definitely gonna have a good time there!..


(I will post soon the details of the outfit on “style”)

A true discovery was the new Lamed at Agia Anna, which we wasn't suppose to go there but when we passed it with our car, it caught our eyes and parked there right away. Of course it proves our instincts right, cause everything we ate was beyond words. Amazing decoration, delicious food, positive vibes and smiley people are what I liked the most among the other. I have plenty of photos of the location there and what we ate that is not fair not showing to you, so stay tuned for more about Lemad but take a glimpse of the crispy solomon with kinoa I ate that took me just seconds to vanish it - hahhahahahahha… 

The only day we went to the beach -just for suntanning, because the weather was very windy and the waters where so so cold- was at the famous Psarou beach. It is not my favorite beach and I am  not such a fan of this showing off that goes around over there, but once in a while is it fun to go!!! We drunk amazing coctails, I tried the one with cucumber, gin, lime and ginger -so refreshing- but you should try the fresh juices too -the best you will ever drink-, we lied in our big sun beds, we listen to some music but we missed the best part. If you don’t go to Nammos after to have some real fan where would you go??? but business is business, we had to go! On the way out I took this photo of these crabs and shrimps, I kind of liked the colors and how vivid the photo looked!

In this island wherever you go is beautiful, so much beauty -as many other greek islands- how lucky we are to live in a country like this, you can just sit in a spot and stare the scenery, having  some mind-escapes. We are not just lucky, we are blessed actually!. I may went for business to the island, but I had a good time, I filled up with energy, I relaxed, I laughed, I took my photos - of, course - and I rescheduled another getaway at the island of  winds.


Pics of the magical Venice -amazing cocktails, lots of tourists, romantic location- and some fun moments all around.. Enjoy!!!!


I close my post with this sunset and I am shouting: Mykonoooooooooooos… (can you hear me???)


PS1: Guest blogger Alexandra Drakou and photo credits to Kynthia!!! Hey, girls??? Wanna do it again??? xoxo



by El.g


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