Many of you will wonder what I did in far away China, mostly those who don't know much about me and I will tell you that is not my first time! I have been travelling to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair twice a year, because besides being a fashion blogger, I am also a fashion buyer for many greek companies.. Well, my parents are merchandisers over 30 years and they know China for good, so I couldn't miss this change.. The fisrt time I travell for the fair, I said that was it, here are the opportunities, I must come every single time and make money out of it and so I did!!!

This is the ultimate experience for me, I meet really important people every time and the fact that I am able to see what is going to be released globally at the markets some months later, is a great intel to me, being a fashion blogger speaking, plus it's super exciting in the overall!!

This time I experienced something diffrent too, I gave my first interview in China bound to the social media of the Canton Fair as a fashion blogger saying my opinion about the fashion industry ad the progress of the chinese manufacturers.. That was trully honoring for me and I am so thankfull thank for this invitation!! Extra thanks to Wu Xiaoying who believed on me and that's only the beginning!!!

From zero to hero.. -that's something between Wu and me- xoxo

In other words, Guangzhou is a city that it always impresses me.. Every time I visit this city, is different.. New skyscapers, new shopping stores, the development there is trementous!!! A city full of lights, it feels like Christmas all the time of the year, traffic everywhere and super luxurious malls! Could you ever imagine years ago that China would look like this? Well, this is not made by chance and it is 100% made by China for sure.. Chinese people work too hard, they are willing to help you, ok if they understand you -because we have a situation there with communication, but you always find a way, and they are so kind, at least the people I have met.. I even forgot my phone and they returned it back to me.. TWICE!

Anyway, maybe only in China the gap between a poor chinese and a wealthy one is huge. You will meet the one on the streets that will beg you for 1 euro and you will meet the one that he will cross by you while driving the most rare Lamborghini.. 

Αlthough my trip to far away from home Guangzhou is very very excausting, my day starts at 8 and ends very late at night working non-stop throughout the day, but I always enjoying it cause I have the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world, see different things, my thinking becomes sharper and I try to see the opportunity and seize it.. Maybe one of my most creative time of the year..

...I always returned back home "richer"!!! 

Till next time... xoxo



ps1: Ok, I have to show you this.. Every time in Guangzhou the past 5 years I go to Ocean Palace, a 24-hour spa, where I always do a 90 minute Thai massage -Oh, can I have one right now?- and a special head massage plus pentikour and that's what I want to talk to you about. I have been there 10 times and the 9 of them I bomped into the same guy who does my penti wearing a small helmet on his head with a light. The first time I found it so funny that I laughed so much, well I still do! When I returned in Greece I was telling this experience to my firends but they couldn't understand what I was talking them about so I took a photo for them and I share it with you too! 


ps2: 10 months now, unfortunettely I "suffer" from airplane phobia, who me, that's funny, who every time I stepped into the airplane I was like I was going to Disneyland, but my phobia is not gonna win my love from travelling and discovering the world, but I can't sleep anymore on board.. The only positive in this situation is that I had the change to took some beautiful pictures while looking outside the window, like this one where we are over Dubai. In real time was twice breathatking but you can see how crystal clear you can witness the whole city!!! 


Like Greece nowhere.. Every time you see this blue is divine!!! It brings you goosebumps.. Travelling is amazing but the feeling you have when you step into the El. Venizelos International airport is priceless.. 


ps3: If you wanna see more of Guangzhou, click here:



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