I took advantage of our national holiday for the Indepence Day and together with my husband and a friendy couple, we travelled to North Greece at Zagoroxoria, experiencing one of the most extreme weekend of our lives!

We decided to go through Peloponnisos but if you ever do this roadtrip, I will suggest you to drive from the other side of Greece towards Thessaloniki. First of all, it is not a highway, so If there is a truck in frond of you, you are clearly stuck with low-low speed and secondly the other way is a better road!

The only thing that is totally worth of seeing is the Rio-Antirio bridge, a bridge similar to San Francisco's one if it was painted red!!!

We arrived at Pappigo very late at night, so we didn't see much of the surroundings but the next morning we understood completely where we where!

We haven't schedule anything difficult on Friday because we thought that the weather wouldn't be so good, in the contrary though it was super sunny and that gave us the chance to enjoy the mini tour we did on the near villages as long as the breathtaking view of Vikos Canyon (a must see) and our walk on Kokkoris bridge!

The fairytale path that leads to the Canyon..........

Can you picture me standing on this edge????

The Kokkoris bridge is above the green river (Voidomatis), one of the most clean rivers in Europe and in this river we will go rafting the next day!

Of course we didn't miss to buy the popular Hippophae, the sea buckthorns, with the 23 health benefits!

In the meantime we tried the famous pitas, one of the most delicous pitas I have ever tasted, I know I know I am on a diet program but how could I resist?

Don't worry I will found out soon enough how bad this was for my diet as my nutrionist is coming in a few minutes from now.

(So, ladies that means new diet post on the blog tomorrow!!)

The next day could have clearly be titled of as the "Extreme sports day" because of our activities and you will understand soon what I mean.

By the way have you seen my weekend snapchats? Yes?? So you know already what's my point here.

As mentioned above we went rafting on Voidomatis River and I must say that was quite a dramatic experience for me as I almost frozen to death. Ok, it wasn't that bad, the ride is totally amazing and you admire the hidden nature along the river but I am a kind of a cold hater and I tend to get cold very easily but the thing I suggest you to do is to wear a suit that covers your whole body from your legs until up to your neck.

When we fall with boat down to the waterfall, all the cold water covered us and I wasn't moving for minutes!!! Everybody was laughing on me but what could I have done? Is anybody with me, can you feel me people? 

So, if you don't want to feel a similar experience please make sure you are dressed properly because you must enjoy the ride!!!

and after this hummuliaton, I had to prove that I am not only a fashion lover but adrenaline is my thing as well, so I flied from 1.300 meters high!!!

A few minutes from Zagori, at Perivleptos mountain you will find Akis, the guy who speaks fluently greek and has made 80.000 jumps in his life, convincing you to do the impossible.

Few seconds before the jump I asked him:

- What if I fall?

- Oh, darling, what if you fly?

The only thing you have to do is dare, because it will be one of the craziest, beautifull things you will ever make.. and in reality if you over win your fears, it is not scary at all..

This trip might is almost 7 hours away from Athens but it is an experience and is totally worth it! I am greek and I love when I have the chance to admore my country even more..

The scenery is magical, you can stand there for hours just observing the view and of vourse we didn't have time to see everything.

We made a promise though, to return for horse riding inside the mountains, walking for 4 hours a path that leads to several lakes and ice bergs (!!!!!), the famous to all Drakolimni, and to go rafting again during the night ideally on August, when we have the biggest fullmoon!

Oh, Greece, your greatness is above everything!!!




ps: I wish our politicians were people like us who loves Greece! It is so unfair to live in such a great country, with all this energy and power and being treated like we are on the Third World or something, so unfair!!!



by El.g




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