When that with the twins towers happened back in 2001, i dont think there was any person on earth who wasn't socked! This incident left millions of people with their mouth open watching the breaking news over the television  and crying including myself. 

This year I had the chance to go at the place where all this mess happened back then, the Ground Zero as they call it and believe me there is a long procedure to go inside, you cant just step in. Firstly, you must set an appointment through the website (no cost), maybe to check you out, I didn't understand that either, and speaking of checking oh you have no idea what is waiting for you. After you take your tickets from the office, you walk about 3 blocks, signs leads you where to go, and here you go… You see the line, the big line you will wait approximately 1.5 hr to go inside, to pass several checking controls as if you were at the airport… hellooooo… You are not gonna catch any terrorist here… You failed in this one years ago!!! But what can I say… This is the procedure… 

Finally, after all this exhausting waiting and checking, you step into the Ground Zero.. The place where the two twin towers used to be… and there is silence… You can hear birds flying over you, maybe the wind too, but as you walk closer to the point the towers used to be, you isolate every single noise and its just you and the reality!. You face the truth of how important life is… and you are grateful of breathing…. Years ago death was all over this place and as you go closer to the point, you see that they have built two square structures in big depths surrounded with waterfalls and the names of the people lost written upon it…

You can't breath, you can't swallow, you feel the sorrow and you are so thankful you are alive because you really don't know what happens tomorrow.. You look up in the sky, you close your eyes and you just say “Thank you…”

In the middle of the two big square structures, there is a tree, they call it “Survivor Tree” the Tree of life…I call it miracle! They say that when this all happened and many buildings were falling apart, this tree didn’t!!! You wonder… How this is possible? but yes it is.. People were touching it, like they take strength or something, isn't it amazing?… 

It is a tough experience full of emotions, feeling gratitude of being alive and deep sorrow of what happened years ago and what people are capable of…Its nice once in a while to live situations like this, because we forget that living and being healthy is the most important of all… yes we forget it.. and you and me!

Anyway, I am not gonna be the smarty here, you know what I want to say, in overall though, if you go to New York, I will definitely recommend to visit Ground Zero and the museum as well, I didn't have the change to go because it wasn't ready but now it is….




by El.g

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