Hellooooooo my coolers from very far away, my mind though is with you and besides the time difference, I try to have some contact with you and always update you!! 

My experiences at this asian city that I leave the last days many, and for sure food is one of them!!! Some foods here in China, I don't really know what they are and to tell you the truth I don't wanna know, but moments like this I understand how much I miss food in Greece... Few days before my trip, I went to see and eat of course, at the new spanish restaurant of my friend Maria Palla at the heart of Glyfada, MOSSETS & VINNO. 

A new experience have landed at Esperidon square and is ready for us to join a new tasteful journey directly from Spain! For the wine lovers this is the exact place, this lovely, friendly and cosy environment that you can enjoy your glass of wine with numerous small dishes and yummy recipes! Don't forget to taste pizza sausage and paella, mmmmm I really ate that much that night?? Its' ok once in a while to enjoy one of the biggest pleasures in earth... FOOD, isn't it???!!! xoxo



aaaaand see u there soon...



by El.g 



Photography by BILL PATRICK

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