The previous weekend I travelled to London and it was suprizingly amazing, not that I didn't expect to have a great time, but everytime I visit London is a new, different experience! 

Although that I left sunny and warm Greece to go to moody and cloudy capital of UK, hopefully I managed to overcome the weather with lots of good and amazing moments. Shopping at Oxford street and not only, dining at beautiful restaraunts, laughing with my friends and strollings around the city kept my mind buzy for a couple of days!!!

I hope you enjoyed my LONDON snapchat stories, speaking of witch, I am so happy to announce that from now and on you will be able to enjoy my everyday snap moments via my new youtube chanel powered by MAD!!!!! Isn't it awesome???

I am screaming from joy but I will write you in a following post when will be really on so you will go and subscribe if you like!!

Ok, back to London now but I won't write you much as I will leave my photos to travel you there.

They say a picture is a thousand words and I couldn't agree more!!

A little sightseeing didn't hurt anyone but first of all coffee!! #towerbridge

Walking through Oxford Street after an edless day into TopShop.

Soho moments! 

Trying wigs inside Harrods, while waiting for Efi to have her nails done!!! 

Should I go shorter?

Hello, Mr Harrods keeper!

That's a night we will never forget and one reason I was so glad I was that night in London! 

Meeting people and making new friends is a value that will never fade..

Obsiously is not my vehicle, but it is surely a pic that couldn't miss from my instagram feed!!

Enjoying my morning coffe at Efi's amazing place!

Another day outside of the TopShop. Can you feel the madness?

and yeap that's me inside the dressing room trying beyonce's new fitness collection #IvyPark

Pure minimalism at "and other stories"! A brand that you must visit if you are London!!!

Walking around beautifull Mayfair..

Dining at Gaucho, when they bring you the meat raw and the you choose the one you like!

Fillet was my choice and it was the most tastefull fillet I have ever tasted..

An area that I haven't visited before and I felt in love with.. Thank you Kostantinos for touring me around Marylebone..

Brunchin in London!

Typical... #redbooth

With my boyz at the secret garden of Ivy!!!!

Thanks for everything guyz.. You are awesome :-))

Cheers to traveling! #experiencesofLife



by El.g


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