Last Xmas I had the chance to visit my family at the States and Chicago, or better freezing Chicago because literally it was the coldest winter of the decade!! Oh, Lucky me... HO HO.. and of course I was lucky, because despite the -20 celcious, I had the most warm and loveable Christmas of my life!!! I have already told you before in other post, what means to us to spend holiday season with our family and I had a long time since I last visit them!!!

Festive tables, endless shopping at the malls (God bless our Yiayia), thousands of lights all over, -I just love how they exagurate with Christmas-, games with the snow, unforgettable birthday inside the United Center wathcing Chicago Bulls, a new years eve trip to New York (one of my birthday presents), while hugging, kissing, laughting and having a good time with the fam, wasn't missing at all! Last Christmas will be remembered forever... 

Here I must say, that I always have at my side, my partner in crime all these years, who is giving me unforgettable moments and I really really love him and I thank him for being always at my side!!! (love you my D.)

I just hope that you spent Xmas with people that you really love and care about, even if you didn't do anything!!! I wish that 2015, which is one breath away, lookig forward to jump into our lives, to give us beautiful moments, worthy and better ones from 2014!!!

I don't know about you, but this year, will be a year I will never forget as it is the year me and Angie created COOL UR STYLE... We really want to thank you from our hearts, that you accepted us in your daily lives and you are part of this journey of ours!! You are giving us the biggest smile on earth... Yeahhh, like the one they have on COLGATE commercials!!!!







by El.g 

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