While floral prints have been a big thing over the past few seasons, the moments that you say "THIS IS THE ONE!" are very few, concerning my tastes at least.. I have already stated to previous posts that I am not such a floral-pattern type of girl, but how could I resist to this long strapless dress?

and how could I ever started May without wearing something at least floral!!!!

When you think of flowers, the first reaction that happens is to smile. Flowers are life, flowers means happiness, flowers are fresh, and I don't know if you have noticed, but when you wear floral patterns, prosperous things can happen..

You smile, you feel happy, your vibes are positive and you immediately affiliate a fresh look.. Are we on the same page here?

All these feelings are printed to a single dress, such the one I am wearing today.. I am telling you that the moment I wore it, my mood rapidly changed and I knew that something good would happened..

And it did happened! 

I can't say much right now, but you will found out yourselves in a few months from now and I am so excited about.. Shhhh.. I can't say anything yet, but I am telling you, this dress brought me luck..

Can you believe in magic? Well, I sure believe in positive energy and floral patterns helps you reveal such energy..

So keep it bright and floral as this season deserves!!

Happy 1st of May and have a wonderful week..

total outfit: PINKO 



by El.g


photography by KYNTHIA KINDELI

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