I do not know if you are fan of mushrooms or not, but if you are, I think I found the exact place for you. “Mushroom” restaurant at Glifada opened one year ago and has already made his audience. In a minimal and very beautiful place, you can dine choosing from various delicious courses based mostly at mushroom, but for you that you are not such a fan of it, there are a few plates from which you can choose of, so don’t hesitate to accompanied your friends and visit this place because you gonna spend a very nice evening!

One month ago my friend Nektarios Skamnakis, who is responsible for the PR doing an excellent job, invited me to Mushrooms and despite the fact that we enjoyed our night, I had tried one of the best and delicious chicken breast I have ever eaten -credits to Nek for the recommendations! 

The owner of the place, Charis Fetfatzis and Vasilis Dosoulas, always there being friendly and polite, try the best to satisfy even the most difficult clients!

Congrats guys  for the really nice job you have done so far, and can’t wait  for everyone to return from his holidays and repeat that beautiful night we had!!!!

What about if we opened your appetite?? Just a little bit xoxo








by El.g and Ang. 


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