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As I wrote you yesterday, this season's absolute trend and my favorite one is the off-the-shoulder. Tops and dresses exposing our shoulders as a must this Spring and about that trend I talked on TV at Proino Ant1, previous Friday. 

I showed you lots of combinations that you can do with the off-the-shoulder tops, although they pair with pretty much everything and I had a little suprise for you as I had in mind showing you how to do our won oo-the-shoukdr tops but Breaking News of our Prime Minister speech interrapted us and at the end I didn't have time to conclude my topic, but that's live television!!

I will try to show it to you and if I can't do it on air, I will try to make a video on snapchat, so stay tuned on my everyday feedback there and don't forget to follow (elenacoolurstyl).

My outfit on the show was ZARA. 

Click  at  1:21'

About that day and our contest on instagram who wins the Mythic Oil of Loreal Proffesional, the winners are based on their instagram accounts:

  • Giota Pinko
  • Natasa Pentidou
  • Eleni_mln
  • Polyvia Manou
  • Avapimou


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