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Maybe the holidays are over but is it necessary to hide all our fancy clothes back to the closet?

Who says not to wear a sequined, lond dress, or a metallic skirt or a velvet taxedo or a c-through blouze during the day?

Well, the answer is simply because there is a secret to succeed the perfect daily outfit with fancy clothes!

The trick to mastering the look is a studied juxtaposition! In other words, we have to eliminate the fancy part of a piece with pieces that we would wear on an daily basis.

For example, we can wear a metallic skirt with an oversized knitted blouze or a velvet suit with an athletic crop top or a long dress with sequins with a bomber jacket and army boots like the one I am wearing on todays post!

Look yourself at the mirror and ask yourself if you are too much or not. If the answer is YES or you wonder and you feel insecure then the answer is yes and you have to take something out!

Feel confident and beautiful with the clothes you choose to wear, don't simply wear them..

Lots of kisses!

total outfit: JP JOHN PAN

boots: SAGIAKOS 


by el.g


photography by KYNTHIA KINDELI