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and here we are.. 

It's Xmas Eve, -omg- and I have a millions of things to do today, but first let me post you these pictures of my Xmas look.. You might get the inspiration you need!

I hope you have seen our video on my YouTube channel, we had so much fun on the making and you will really find some usefull tips for today like how to make glitter lips at now time..

This look is festive and a little bit theatrical.. You know how much I don't like being the same and I love playing another character with my makeup, hair or clothes!

You know style defines the person you wanna be but you have to feel it!

So, please watch the video to see what I am talking about, you will understand more...

I hope you will enjoy your night.. You are already beautiful whatever you will wear.. Just don't forget your smile, because is the only thing that will make you look radiant!

I love yo so much..

Merry Xmas!


dress: H&M

jewelry: SWAROVSKI

tights: WOLFORD

shoes: NAK SHOES



by El.g


ps: I big thank you to my gorgeous team! You are my crew and I love you more than anything..

Hair: Nassos Katsiadramis

makeup: Adamantia Katsampi

photography by BILL PATRICK


video: Vagelis Tolis