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You can say that athleisure is this year's biggest trend.

Not only is this evidenced by the rising number of celebrities who are now pairing sporty crop tops with professional polished pieces, but also by the fact that dozens of brands and celebrities have launched athleisure lines.

I don't know about you, but I am already a fan of this style from the time I wore my sneakers with my long, maxi dress for the very first time and the feeling was awesome.

Athleisure is not popular by change because it combines comfortness and style amazingly! Don't you agry?

There wasn't few times that I wore my athletic pants with the signatured line on the side with my heels or my active leggings with my faux fur on top..

Today though, I am showing you how you can nail the athleisure look on a daily basis.. 

Wear your transparent blouse with your active bra and a maxi skirt or your overwaist pants and you can thank me later! 

outfit: JP JOHN PAN