Goodmorning coolers, new week today and whats more better that to travel along Greece? with this special city guide about beautiful PAXOUS from a special, fashionable girl Nazezhda, who the last 2 years she is been at the greek fashion industry for good and something is telling me that we are gonna see that girl many times in the near future!!
Summer in Greece is still on the go, we had some rainfalls but our temperature is yet on high levels, so I guess we are kind of lucky if we want to  go for a small excursion!!
Ladies and gens, let Nazezhda travel you to Paxous...
It's an honor for us to introduce you our favorite island in Greece . One of the Top Great Escapes!
We can help you learn more information about Paxos before you visit, how to get here and prepare you to enjoy a truly magical holiday in Paxos Paradise. 
Paxos is the smallest of Ionian islands. It population is estimated at 2500 resident citizens. Paxos size is 10km long and 4km wide. The capital of the island is Gaios one of the three main villages including Logos and Lakka. Paxos is covered by many olive groves, numerous species of wild flowers and flourish vineyards.  
Paxos has no airport and this helps keeping the crowd away. Most visitors reach the island by flying to Corfu and then taking a ferry, hydrofoil or seaplane to Gaios, Paxos. If you want to reach the island by car you have to go to Igoumenitsa port and then embark on a ferry and get to your destination after 90'. ( Athens - Igoumenitsa 451km, thessaloniki - Igoumenitsa 325km) 
Paxos cliffs 
The west coast is incredible beautiful with white limestone cliffs , sea caves and exotic beaches. You can reach this part of the island only by boat although some beaches are accessible by car . Don't forget to look for Ortholithos and the huge cave next To it. 
A tiny colourful harbour, mini markets, bakery, bars ( Taxidi is a good one) and a lot of sea food reastaurants are located here. Look for soap factory "Anemoyiannis", it's an amazing building next to the beach.
Is a very beautiful harbour north coast. It has excellent beaches with natural shade, nice restaurants and bars.
Is full of colourful buildings ( look for the three local schools) that line the water frond. Life in Gaios focuses on the harbour where yaches jostle for space. 
Or paradise. It lies south of paxos and you can reach there by sea taxi about 15' away from Gaios port (every 30') . Clear turquoise waters perfect for swimming . Voutoumi and Vrika beaches are your choises.
This is a tiny island crowned by a small church Saint Spiridon. Dive into crystal clear water you meet there and you won't regret it. 
Churches on Paxos 
About 63 and only few of them are open regulary.
Olive press museum 
Located between Gaios and Lakka. Here you can see olive press working and purchase local produce. 
• Erimitis Beach 
In 2008 after a landslide hermit beach was created. Absolutely amazing and accessible by foot. 
•Kipiadi Beach 
Is one of the longest beaches on paxos and is made up of large pebbles.
• Voutoumi beach - Antipaxos 
Blue water , white sand and laid back taverna with great view . Don't forget your sunscreen here, deep tanning for sure. 
• Plakes beach 
Is located on the coastal road from Gaios to mogonisi. Little beach with dense vegetations. 
• Levrechio beach 
Walking 5 ' south to Logos. Free camper are here too. 
• Biros Tavern 
Greek tastefull menu. Ask for the chef, he is the one. Don't forget to get your reservation. 
• Bohemissa tavern 
Nice n easy Mediterranean food 
• Karkaletzos 
Greek traditional food 
• Cafe Italiano 
Take your breakfast here ( don't miss the croissant ) and your pasta too 
• Gios 
Seafood reastaurant 
-Ask for bourdeto or savouro local delicacies 
-For your dessert choose 
• the best ice cream ever Gelato-Italiano (Lakka) 
• waffles at cappriccio ( Gaios ) 
• to hire a motor boat and enjoy costal villages of paxos. You don't need a license 
• watch the sunset from Erimitis bar restaurant (be there at 19:00 to get a seat) 
• taste the local gingerbeer at "mpournaos" Traditional grocery 
• enjoy your Aperol Sprits at "kalimera" bar (Gaios) 
• say hi to the gooses at the harbour 
• get up early and buy traditional pies from the local bakery at logos, tsiligourdopita is a good one! 
• be aware of the Mosquitos 
and after all these dont you want to make a small suitcase right away and dissapear to Paxous? Anyway, THANK GOD WE HAVE GREECE -we will add!!! xoxo
Many thanks to Nazezhda and her pal Iosono, for these valiable informations and stay tuned for many more from us and her concering fashion!!!
by El.g and Ang.

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