One of the things that we did in Paris, was to visit the museum of Art Centre Pompidou, which was across our apartment actually, at Marais. Centre Pompidou was the plan of building a major public reading library in Paris, with the biggest visitor capacity for any such initiative since the Liberation, and beyond that, the rehabilitation of the National Museum of Modern Art, which was firstly housed in a wing of the Palais de Tokyo that was in a state of semi-abandonment for lack of resources and space.

The building of the Centre Pompidou, in its use of glass and steel, is also heir to the great iron constructions of the Industrial Age, from Paxton's Crystal Palace, but also futuristic in many ways. A prototype in all respects, it lines up with the architectural utopias of Archigram and Superstudio in the 60s, in simple words it is trully something!!! It has 6 floors and the view from the top is amazing, from where you can admire whole Paris..

The most popular exposition for the time being is Jeff Koons excibits at Gallerie 1 and one of them is the famous pinky dog made of glass!!! 

We saw a lot of interesting things and too bad we didn't had the appropriate time as it was the last thing we did in Paris before we head to the airport...

If you visit Paris, we strongly recommend you to visit the Centre Pompidou because it's a museum way to different from others!

Breathtaking Centre Pompidoy by night!!! 





by El.g and Ang.


photography by BILL PATRICK


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