At the ancient theater of Epidavros..

There wasn't even 2 days after my return from Mykonos, when my phone rank, -while I was trying to put everything back in my dressing room- and my best friend Roula was on the other line. She pretty much announced me without leaving me even one second to reconsider, that we were travelling the next day all together, me, her and her boyfriend Thodoris to Epidavros to watch the play "Promitheas Desmotis" of Aisxilos by Thodoris Marossoulis production. 

Not because he is my friend but the least I can say, is a millions of congradulations and a huge Thank You that gave me the opportunity to visit the ancient theater of Epidavros.. They say that this theater has a strange divine energy, an energy that I indeed sensed myself.. Part of this energy is due to the great perfomances of the actors Taso Nousia, Gerasimo Gennata and Dimitri Kouroubali while the music of the play was also incredible.. Very smart directed from Kosta Fillipoglou, with a screenplay that creates images and makes them vivid on stage, is definetelly a play that you shouldn't miss!!!

After the play, people started clapping for more than 15 minutes making you feel the goosebumps and see how success feels like.. Is a bet that Thodoris made with himself and stood out the winner and us being his closed people we have nothing less to do than be part of his joy! That what friends do afterall, share moments and emotions together! We have more and even greter productions to enjoy from Thodoris and we we will be here to spread it out..

The play will be be presented on the 26th and on the 27th at Thesaloniki at Theatre Dasos and then from 2nd September until the end of the month at Athens: Galatsi (2/9), Acharnai (3/9), Virona (6/9),  Koridallo (16/9), Papagou (17/9) and Peiraius (19/9).


Thodori and Roula thank you for this amazing weekend and to many more we are going to spend together, I love you so much!!!!


Follow Thodoris Marossoulis instagram account to know directly for his upcoming productions and plays..



by El.g 


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