One of my favorite trips ever, was the one I did with my husband Thodori, (yes, how many times I must tell you, we are married the last 6 years from the 12 we are together, long time ha?, but I can feel you, even me I can't realize it sometimes!!!) to nearby Rome.

We both went for the very first time, and despite the fact that we literally spent 4 days walking from early morning till late at night, we trully enjoyed every minute of it, everything was perfect! It is one of those trips that you are still thinking of it and a huge smile appears at your face, one of those trips that you never got into a fight with your co-traveller, one of those trips that you wanna go back again and refresh the good moments that you spent there. It is one of those trips that fullfills me with sooooooo lovely feelings, oh Rome I really have to visit you soon again..

I must to admit that every time I visit a city for the first time, I want to explore everything and visit as many possible attractions as I can. I know though, that there are a lot of touristic traps that cost money and time but that's the reason we created the column city guides. I don't want to say much but I will tell you this, Thodoris is not the type of guy that will want to go around at the museums, wait to lines, and walk all day long, but in Rome he did, and moreover he quite enjoyed it! 


Oh, what can I possible say for that monument! Yes, there are a lot of people at the lines and you think you wait forever, but do consider spending something more and upgrade to fast lines or book your tickets in advance through internet, but whatever you do, do NOT leave Rome without visiting the Colloseum. You have to see where the gladiators were fighting for their lives for the pleasure of the Roman Emperors and if you have seen the series Spartacus or the movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe over a millions of times, that's the place you should visit!

You will see the cages were the romans kept the gladiators as captives and you will step into the arena were they were giving the fight of their lives. To tell you the truth I needed a few minutes to travel my mind back then and sense the vibe and I must admit that I felt the goosebumbs when I was inside the arena..

Fontana di Trevi.

The Fontana di Trevi is the most famous fountain in Rome and the largest Baroque fountain in the city plus most beautiful in the world. You did know that provides water to all the foundains of Rome, right? No? Well, there you go!!! If you have time, you must see it both in daylight and during the night, you will admire two different sights and of course you will throw your coin!!! You never know when magic happens!

Piazza Di Spagna

Piazza di Spagna, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, is one of the most famous squares in Rome and a meeting point for many tourists and not only! It gathers lots of people, it's like Time Square, so you have to be careful when you visit, cause you might get robbed by someone. You will also take a tons of pictures to upload in your instagram accounts and if you walk a few minutes more, you will face the market of Rome!!!

It's worth to have a cappuccino at one of these beautiful coffeshops observing people passing by, tourists blending with stylish Italians and after you got your rest, walk between Piazza Di Spagna and Piazza Di Popolo, you can find real gems, like my favorite, leather brogues I bought from Via del Corso!

Oh, I am so looking forward for Thodoris to come finally in Greece and organise our next trip together.. Autumn and Spring are the best seasons to travel as you enjoy the city going, having the weather as an allay.

By the way, If you thing that that was it with Rome, you are out of your mind! I have to show you the Vatican and tell you my crazy story there, the beautiful Castle Di Angelo and Piazza Navona and of course to give you a few more tips about this unforgetabble eternal city!

Stay tuned!!!



by El.g 



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