From my sweetest afternoons, my meeting with the actress Ada Livitsanou, at her new place now, her pastry shop, Ada's Little Kitchen. It is something that she had from a little girl, the love of making sweets together with her mother and grandmother and now she has the opportunity to take us too in another sweet world with her pastry recipes!

I tasted almost everything (no diet for me that day), and the only think I can guarranted you, is that beyond the fact that Ada is a very sweet girl, she makes or better creates very tasteful sweets and I will emphasize the fact that she makes everything by herself!!!

While I was tasting and making sounds of joy with my eyes closed (can you picture me?), I foundnd the change to ask her some questions about all this new experience:


1. What can someone find at Ada's Liitle Kitchen?

At Ada's Little Kitchen you can find fresh sweets daily, as I make them everyday, and not a day before, with the best and healthy ingredients and the most tasteful conbinations! 

2. You can't go without tasting...

Auntie Marry, which its recipe I dont tell to anyone! It's very difficult though to choose only one, because you must also try cheesecake, red velvet and our chocolates!!!

3. Your favorite sweet?

With difficulty I will say Auntie Marry, that I just mentioned but at winter time I prefer the levanter cupcakes and at summer time the Passion sweet, which is something with coconut and passion fruit!

4. Which is your specialty?

You know what? Because of the fact that we have only 12 sweets, I cant say only one, cause all 12 are specialties that are made with love and after long of thinking. I give 100% to everything and its up to you which one you prefer! 

5. What is your relationship with confectionary?

I will just say that I am obssesed of making sweets!!!! A sexy obsession I can tell, cause I am thinking of it even at the most weird moments!!

6. What makes Ada's Little Kitchen different?

Everything... The communication we have with people, the even call us one day earlier to reserve their sweets because they know I make them the same day with the purest ingredients and with no conservatives. 

7. Do you take over events too?

Off course and weddings and christenings and cooperative parties. We can put your logo at our sweets too!!!

8. Rehearseals at the theater or fooling around with flour when you make your sweets? 

Hmmmm, I cant choose cause both together with singing are my major loves and passions, but it depents from the role, although the other one is a daily joy!!!


Thank you Ada, and if you want to put some sweetnest in you life, she is waiting for you at  Ada's Little Kitchen!!!!

Gr. Labraki 10, Gilfada

Τηλ. 2114006509


by El.g 



Phtography by BILL PATRICK

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