Elena and Angie Galifa are the two bloggers behind the Greek fashion blog, Cool UR Style, dedicated to bring their readers regular inspiration in the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces.

Cool UR Style is a destination, not only for inspiration on how to wear and match your clothes, but also as a guide for those who wish to follow Angie’s and Elena’s lifestyle.

"We hope to inspire, encourage, motivate and share with you our knowledge on the importance of being simple due to style, show you around the world through our travel diaries and make sure to inform you about our beauty experiences. You will even be our eyes to many backstage footage as we always want to keep you UPDATED!”

Cool UR Style became from a dream to reality on June 4th of 2014 proving that if you love what you do and by working hard you can make the difference at no time!!!

Many greek and international brands are already working with Elena & Angie, plus they started winning their audience heart through TV as well.

Last year Elena and Angie were filming their own videos with fashion tips for one of the biggest shows on greek tv, "Eleni" with Eleni Menegaki and this season they have their own fashion column on TV at "PROINO" ANT1.

Also, they are fashion contributors on faysbook.gr

Elena and Angie have been awarded as the MOST PROMISING BLOG OF THE YEAR by MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE.



So, welcome on board COOLERS and don't forget to follow Elena's and Angie's insta-world!!!



** Cool UR Style media kit is available upon request.








by El.g & Ang